My Secret Garden

Flower Photography

Morning Glories took over my Arbor! Baker Creek Seeds!
One Sunflower plant that fell over!

Love-In-A-Mist seeds from Baker Creek Seeds

Candy Cane Zinnia from Baker Creek Seeds

Sunflower with Butterfly

Long Pod Okra from Baker Creek Seeds

Chamomile Flowers

Sunflowers make me smile.
Chamomile Flowers

Hello World!

Can't ever have too many!


Violet Petunia

Zinnias are my favorite

Unkempt Flowers --what nature intended

Nasturtium - Pretty & Tasty

Scarlet Runner Bean


Pink Single Flower Zinnia

An Okra Flower

Candytuft, I fell in love with these from EM Barker's Flower Fairy.

Two Zinnias and a Marigold

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